Hose lines

We are happy to advise you and find solutions for all of your hose line problems based on our experience from eight decades of hose line production.
We produce hose lines for you in all pressure ranges and in wide range of hose materials with standard or special connections.

Hydrauflex hose lines

Hydrauflex special and suction hose fittings

Low-pressure hose

  • Hoses for petrol and diesel
  • Lubricating oil hoses
  • Coolant hoses

High-pressure hose

  • Hoses with textile reinforcement
  • Hoses with steel wire reinforcement
  • Special hoses with improved pressure and temperature behaviour

Ultra-high-pressure hose

  • Quadruple and sextuple spiral hose material

Thermoplastic high-pressure hoses

  • Hoses with textile reinforcement
  • Hoses with steel wire reinforcement
  • Special hoses for paint spraying / metering

Suction hose

  • Standard hose according to SAE 100 R4
  • Saugflex X with extreme bending radius

General rules for routeing of hose lines

In order to guarantee the long service life of a HYDRAUFLEX hose line, the following installation instructions must be followed for hose routeing. Please contact HYDRAUFLEX GmbH – SCHLAUCHLEITUNGEN in Plauen in case of especially difficult installation conditions.

Pay special attention to the following for installation

  • Assure the possibility of effortless installation, removal and continuous inspection
  • Avoid any twisting of the hose (narrowing of the conveying cross-section, damage to the reinforcement)
  • The specified bending radius must not be undercut (flow loss) Use angle pieces or pipe elbows (cf. connecting elements)
  • Install a hose line with a sag (no tensile or compression stress)
  • Protect your hose line from external damage and temperature fluctuations
  • Use our protective systems to protect your hose lines

Storage of hydraulic hoses

To avoid damage to the hose due to ageing, take the following into consideration:

  • Dry and clean storage environment
  • No contact with aggressive substances (acids, bases, solvents)
  • No direct sunlight or UV radiation
  • No extreme temperature (avoid storage below -10°C; optimal storage temperature +15°C to +25°C with 65% relative air humidity)
  • Keep away from electric motors and other sources of ozone (ozone-forming light fixtures and fluorescent light sources, mercury-vapour lamps)

Hoses with colour printing are especially sensitive to light. Therefore, storage in crates, boxes, etc. is recommended. The duration of use of hose lines should not exceed six years, including a maximum storage time of two years.


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