Collectors & Distributors

We develop solutions for collecting pipes and distributors. Every solution is unique and specially tailored to your application.
With our system construction kit, we offer you an outstanding price-performance ratio for your tailor-made product.

  • Collectors :
    • Use in hydraulic return lines
    • Pressure up to approx. 20 bar
    • Pipe base element
  • Distributors :
    • Use in high-pressure hydraulic systems
    • Pressure of up to 500 bar
    • Prismatically milled base element
  • Connections: all standard and special connection versions
  • Work technique: soldered or welded

Our assortment of collector pipes

Our assortment of distributors

Advantages of Hydrauflex collecting pipes and distributors

  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Minimisation of potential leakage points
  • Reduced assembly times
  • Reduction of individual parts in the system
  • Price reduction in comparison with standard screw fitting versions

You have the choice

Either stringing together a multitude of standard screw fittings or an innovative solution from our expert staff.

Benefit from our expertise and let us solve your problems!


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